Twitter Updates for 2008-10-31

October 31st, 2008 § 0 comments

  • Snow! Loads of snow outside! #
  • @tomazstolfa zurich… :) #
  • Aaaa! They use different power plugs! #
  • If you fly from south africa over antarctica, what is the next country you fly over? Norway? Iceland? #
  • @zornada I had them there, but took em out just last week… *sigh* #
  • Social media makes everyone a salesperson. Hm… #
  • (Btw, these twitts are live from SOMESSO conference) #
  • 75 pct of bottomup innovation are a success… Mhm #
  • Lots of medieval features are coming back into the sciety… #
  • “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” #
  • What is your biggest and earliest risk you’ve taken? #
  • Problem with financing startups in europe is that vcs don’t believe founders can be ceos… #
  • Freiwiligkeit ist der preis der freiheit #
  • Another web 1-2-3.0 presentation? #
  • Social networks are like different countries #
  • Presentation done, audience had some fun :) #
  • @gandalfar well, it is a national holliday right… ;) #
  • @somesso congrats on the conference, one of the best events in europe in the last year! #
  • why am I still always nervous before giving presentations or lectures? It doesn’t help me at all… #
  • @kumpri a se bos sel maraton maratonov? #
  • Happy to know enough german to be able to communicate the route back with a nice older swiss lady… :) #
  • Watching falling boxes on a 3d lightbox on zurich haupbahnhof. Cute. #

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