Twitter Updates for 2008-12-30

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  • hm, first in the office, and random electrical deviced are switching on without me starting them. like printers and alarms… weird. #
  • just learned about again. like it. #
  • @jemimakiss they’ve been saying this for the past five years… #
  • planning marketing for 2009Q1, some crazy product announcements comming up ;) #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-29

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  • RT @TomRaftery Superb Calvin and Hobbes strip on the financial crisis #
  • klinc pa recesija, ravnokar stal pol ure v vrsti na mimovrste… ;) #
  • @yougo ni panike, je gregor ene fajn medenjake prinesel :P da posel dobro tece je pa samo pohvalno! #
  • had my first car accident. not my fault, obviously, not lethal, obviously, a bit annoying nevertheless… #
  • RT @andraz ZigTag Launches! Semantic tagging for the masses. #
  • @LiveCrunch we usualy use united or lufthansa from munich / frankfurt, and then cheap airliners or trains… When are you coming here? #
  • @andraz really? We could go iceskating together these days… ;) #
  • @livecrunch sounds like a great tour! Hope to meet you in ljubljana then ;) #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-27

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-26

December 26th, 2008 § Comments Off § permalink

  • @yougo disagree completely. key is to be determined and work and think harder towards your goals. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-24

December 24th, 2008 § Comments Off § permalink

  • @tomazstolfa it definitely isn’t work… :) #
  • yelp is down… strange #
  • @masaarko center je v redu #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-23

December 23rd, 2008 § Comments Off § permalink

  • Trying to drown the taste of ketchup with red salsa sauce. #

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Led s severa

December 22nd, 2008 § 2 comments § permalink

A s ti tud not padu: led s severa

A s ti tud not padu: led s severa

Zelo zabavna predelava komada iz naÅ¡e mladosti. Zanimivo je, kako za vsakogar, ki je ta videospot že kdaj videl v originalu, gornja slika verjetno pove vse – o konceptu, tehniki, vrsti humorja, ciljni publiki… pravi kulturni strdek.

Reblog from: Magical Nihilism

December 22nd, 2008 § Comments Off § permalink

London | Tower BridgeImage by tochis via Flickr

Twitter is everywhere around us. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that London’s Tower Bridge has a twitter account to natify public about it’s closings:

I read the paper, and checked twitter again. @towerbridge said that it was going to be opening shortly. I bolted out and caught the occasion on camera.Magical Nihilism, Dec 2008

In the same way I like to follow meta-accounts like @lotd, @marsphoenix. Anybody has any other favourites?

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-20

December 20th, 2008 § Comments Off § permalink

  • programming! coding! :D #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-19

December 19th, 2008 § Comments Off § permalink

  • moved majority of my old noisi home server to dreamhost. it was a breeze! #
  • never never never… #

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