reblog: Use a Content Production Line for Fast, Effective Writing

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nice stab at important topic for every blogger, i like ‘content production line’ metaphor:

What does your blog-post writing process look like?

For many bloggers, it’s something like this:

Think “I really should write a post today…”

Make a coffee, tidy the desk, check emails, check Twitter

Open up a blank document

Stare at the screen for a while

… and so on. If you’re lucky, you come up with a decent idea and you manage to get a post …

via Use a Content Production Line for Fast, Effective Writing.

… however, it does not apply to me and I suspect there are at least three types of bloggers out there:

  • meditators, described in the paragraph above
  • ants, to whom this proposed method applies best
  • geniuses, who express in form of bursts of witty language
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reblog: Immigrants Found Nearly Half of Top Startups

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Immigration Vocabulary
Immigration Vocabulary
Image by Wesley Fryer via Flickr

Report: Immigrants Found Nearly Half of Top Startups (

… great post, great topic, i can well relate.

however, as everyone is talking about US immigrant policies and their impact on economy, who dares to ask how EU is doing? i have several friends who would love to immigrate to EU and create startups here, but are finding european bureaucracy frustrating. In US you at least know it will work out, in Europe that is not always sure.

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reblog: IBM Says We’ll Have Mind-Reading Computers Within Five Years

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IBM delivery tricycle in front of IBM building...
IBM delivery tricycle in front of IBM building...
Image via Wikipedia

this is exciting! finally! i hope we’ll slowly start talking about real-life more than web services.

Keyboards and mice may seem like clunky artifacts of the past within the next five years, pushed aside in favor of the ultimate user interface: the human mind.

That’s according to IBM , which just published its “5 in 5″ forecast : a prediction about five innovations that will fundamentally change our world within the next five years. The most

via IBM Says We’ll Have Mind-Reading Computers Within Five Years.

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reblog: But What If You’re Un-Googleable?

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Image by mushon via Flickr

Investor and serial entrepreneur Chris Dixon has written a notable (and mercifully short !) post about how social utilities like Google and Facebook have essentially become the reputation engines powering the emergence of collaborative consumption startups like Airbnb and TaskRabbit.

Dixon’s argument is a) that Google search has replaced social pro

via But What If You’re Un-Googleable?.

… all good and well, but… for the longest time i was sure i was the only ‘igzebedze’ on the web. it was only after I started using Duckduckgo I found out about some other people using this nickname, who were completely hidden from me because of google’s personalization of search. which means, I am googlable, but i still don’t actually have ‘the reputation’ – only ‘a reputation’ depending on who is looking for me. so this ‘internet of people’ idea has a minor crack that can cause either marketplaces to bubble or search engines to change. imho.

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reblog: If you hate Big Government, fight SOPA.

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Sopa de pez
Sopa de pez
Image by inakihuarte via Flickr

not sure if everyone is aware of this, but it is incredibly important piece of legislation, that has come far in the legislative process in US already. technically it is trivial to circumvent it, so there won’t be any real problems for users, but the message of the law will be criminalizing much more than just pirates. and Europe won’t be far behind…

Nobody who opposes Big Government and favors degregulation should favor the Stop Online Piracy Act, better known as SOPA, or H.R. 3261. It’s a big new can of worms that will cripple use of the Net, slow innovation on it, clog the courts with lawsuits, employ litigators in perpetuity and deliver copyright maximalists in the “content” business a holl

via If you hate Big Government, fight SOPA..

… it is also proof that US economic policy-making is no better than slovenian.

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