reblog: The conditions for survival and prosperity

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amazing analysis / view / info-graphic almost, on the expected lifespan of personal computers companies.

The conditions for survival and prosperity

Yesterday’s post described the history of personal computing platforms over the past 37 years. It showed a distinct shifting of “eras” between traditional personal computing and the emergent mobile computing represented by device-based platforms.

Underlying these lives (and deaths) of platforms were the growth (and decline) of fortunes of companies


the chart is potentially good argument against apple-skeptics: they are in the business twice the time everybody else is, surely they learned more about users of personal computers than anyone.

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it’s a huge market – farming

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#seedcamp @farmeron making farmers happy again...
#seedcamp @farmeron making farmers happy again...

Image by paulamarttila via Flickr

I mentored a great startup last year, Farmeron – they are an awesome team, your, hungry and able to produce their own food. I also felt they are trying to bring the second largest market on the planet to the digital age– farming. this news is a great confirmation of the hunch, and I’m looking forward to the future where IT will actually make a difference for the quality of life.

On the Internet of Things IBM Tracks Your Pork From Farm to Fork. Starting with China

IBM has set out to prove it can revolutionize the food industry with data, starting with China. Six industrial slaughterhouses and 100 markets in Shandong Province are part of a large scale test in tracking pork from farm to customer.


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