December 20th, 2007 Comments Off on Addictions

I don’t do addictions. Whenever I sense I am not doing something out of a neccesity or a ritual habit, I get nervous and worried about my future.

Addictions are evil, in the sense of stealing your attention from the real world into a imaginary one, and put it in a feedback loop there. No problem if it’s a small controled loop, but serious problem if grows to influence other parts of life. Some addictions do that, because they have a viral nature – they need to spread to survive. In order to fulfil their demand for attention, one has to give up chuncks of his spare real life.

I preffer standing firmly on the ground. So I canceled a habit that started to make me unstable a bit to often lately. One should never have to decide between real and imaginary – to decide means to reason, which means solving problems. Imaginary should be there for pleasure, not for problems. I have enough of those already.

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