Games people play

December 21st, 2007 Comments Off on Games people play

imageIt was a play-ful day. Well, at least it started and ended with one.
After some 15 years, I player a nice little arcade with jumping space ship – one of those games, that make you forget about everything around you and just repeat simple operations that get your spaceship to the finish. Similar to Tetris, but that computer was already taken.
It made me realize how very different this game experience is from another type of ‘games’, the wicked ways of miscommunication, going on in the intersubjective space.
I made an interesting mistake once, comparing a particular behaviour to a ‘game’; and got slaped. Rightfuly one might add, for the carrier of that behaviour was true to her feelings and serious about the consequenses.
Playing games implies playfulnes, but with a touch of carelesness aswell. Don’t joke about playing games.

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