Efficiency vs. Beauty

February 26th, 2008 Comments Off on Efficiency vs. Beauty

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I’ve become scaringly efficient in using my desktop. My fingers are
grown together with the keyboard, knowing exactly what to click in the
next _moment_, without having to think about it or look at it.

I’ve setup desktop-wide shortcuts for frequent system actions and
special shortcuts in all applications I regularly use. I use 8 virtual
desktops with a system for placement of applications to particular desktops. I always full screen every application, so I always use all of
the precious screen space, and switch between them fast using
‘intuitive’ key combinations. I use special combinations for filling
emails in appropriate folder, I can do anything in my regular work flow
at a blink of an eye.

I’ve stripped down the system, so that it’s as fast as lightning and my
time is well spent. But there’s a catch: since I’ve gotten a new
computer, it became too fast. Something I haven’t seen from the good
old 386 times and a ‘turbo’ button that was used to slow down the games
written for slower processors.

Anyway, it’s to fast for the eyes and visual centers in brain. I can
handle MTV videos and modern commercials and movies, but I cant handle
interactive-information-graphics (aka. software) at frame-speed.

It turns out, the civilization thought about this problem and it’s
just me who’s not adapted – including all the fancy 3D GL desktop
effects in default installations turns out to be healthy, more than
just pretty! Oh, and I’m not talking about Vista if you are wondering…

Working with a computer like this feels like playing a musical
instrument, or if you will, writing a poem with an old-fashioned

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