February 24th, 2008 Comments Off on Prejudices

Source: WikipediaYesterday I had what I like to call ‘lame Saturday’, which means I
don’t pay any attention to my outlook at all. I like to wear nice
clothes otherwise, but sometimes I just don’t feel like thinking about
matching stuff or wearing the same things as the whole week before.

So anyway, I was explaining this to a (girl) friend and she was very
clear: “that’s so gay.” Simply having an opinion on clothing made me
‘gay’, whatever that means. The direct response made me think, that
either there really is something seriously wrong with me (namely, I am
gay but don’t know it), or with her. My bet is on her. I get this kind
of reaction quite frequently and my conclusion is, that some women feel
threatened if regular men start invading what used to be their domain
of interest.

Now, I don’t have a problem with that, but, if majority of women do
that, then I should probably start worrying about Gay people start to
feel threatened by Straight men invading their brand name.

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