February 11th, 2008 Comments Off on Technology

Source: Wikipediasetting: hotel reception, after breakfast. cute and still sleepy girl receptionist and a geek dissapointed by the lack of internet connection. On the counter nice blinking wireless access point with pointy antennas.

geek: “hi, erm, one question, wireless doesn’t work…”
girl: “what room are you in?”
geek: “40”
girl: (without hesitation, grab the access point) “oh just reset the router”
geek: “what, this one?”
girl: “no, the one on your floor”
geek: (bewildered by the prompt answer) “that will help?”
girl: “yeah”
geek: (still bewildered that the girl is so sure about the solution to the problem, that kept him awake late last night) “this will help?”
girl: “mhm”
geek: “great”
girl: “yeah, it’s the technology today”

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