Brown liquid not completely unlike tea

March 15th, 2008 Comments Off on Brown liquid not completely unlike tea

Source: WikipediaI had earl grey tea in Starbucks the other day.

I know, I know, it was in a moment of weakness, I had skipped my breakfast and was in terrible need of something sweet and comforting. So I went and ordered it. They even allowed me to pick a tea bag I liked, so I thought, great, after last terrible experience with hot chocolate, with tea they can’t hurt me, right?
Guess again.
First thing, they managed to serve three coffee’s before I got my hot water and a tea bag. I don’t know why, maybe it was to give me impression that they were ‘preparing’ it properly.
And secondly, I was clumsy enough to stand by the counter and was able to observer the proccess. Wrong! Never do that, it’ll kill your appetite. They had the tea infused in a kettle, took a famous paper cup, spat some suspicious dark-brown stuff in it, spat another light-brown stuff in it and then poured the tea over.
Earl grey? Bergamot? I don’t think so. The thing tasted nothing like tea, but fitted perfectly the famous description from the title. Arthur, I feel your pain.
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