Slovenia? Yes please.

July 6th, 2008 § 2 comments

The 3 euro European Presidency commemorative c...Image via Wikipedia@TomazStolfa followed up on a topic @Andraz tackled a month ago – Slovenia and the Valley seem closer than ever. I had some notes floating around my desktop on this topic for some time, and no, seemed like a good time to dispense them.
Tomaz summarized the foundations very well, and I completely agree that there is a huge surplus of knowledge and experience floating around in a very open and healthy manner and relaxed atmosphere I have only seen in SF until now.
There is another very important set of similarities between the places: climate, welfare, food & drinks. There is no reason anybody wouldn’t move over here, so I am not really worried about the lack of programmers. We at Zemanta are gettings inquieries all the time.
Slovenia is cosy, and this is what geeks in startups need – to feel safe and able to focus on fun work, because everything else works. (remembering the dreadful experience of getting broadband in London, argh)
The present scene is extremely inclusive, welcoming newcomers, but has very high expectations of everyone, creating a positive peer pressure.
We are lucky to be exotic enough to be rememberable, distant enugh to see the forrest, close enogh to Balkan to inherit the “just do it” approach towards life and ideas. So, in conclusion, Slovenia is very much like California, and you can swim in the sea too! 😉
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