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August 29th, 2012 § 2 comments


English: Spanish metal button circa 1650-1675,...

English: Spanish metal button circa 1650-1675, 12mm diameter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Every blogger writing about technology and/or startups knows how important Hacker News is for promoting good, quality articles. The effect of being published there is comparable to more general sharing sites like Reddit and Digg and StumbleUpon.


Unfortunately, unlike it’s bigger cousins, this service is not supported by as an option for sharing buttons, after the post. Luckily we have an option to add custom sharing button, that makes it really easy to create a custom button yourself. Here’s how.


  1. In your dashboard, Go to Settings -> Sharing
  2. Click ‘Add a new service’ under ‘Available services’, a popup will show up
  3. Put ‘Hacker News’ under service name,
  4. Put “” under Sharing URL,
  5. Put “” under Icon URL, and hit ‘create share button’
  6. Drag the newly created ‘available service’ button to enabled services


and you’re done, now you have a shiny new HackerNews sharing button under every blog post. relax.




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  • Hey, thanks for mentioning me. Hacker news shure sent me a lot of traffic in the past (once even more than 10,000 uniques in 10 hours) so I will definitely add the HN share button. Thanks for the tip.

  • igzebedze says:

    wow, nice 🙂

    i guess it’s useful at least to remind people who have the account and making it one click away to vote..

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