is it a feature or a business?

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YouTube business model canvas sketch by Alexan...

YouTube business model canvas sketch by Alexander Osterwalder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

this article hits on a very important distinction but their point so short-sighted:

The new business reality: a feature as a business model

It’s almost comical to say there is a new business reality at play. This is because there are so many forces at work lately, that it seems as though new realities are created and killed almost every quarter. Opportunistic turbulence is probably the best term for it. I’d like to call one out for review Features can be business models.


‘feature’ is just a different way of calling the product’, or maybe, a ‘small product’. but to make it a business, you have to build the business infrastructure around the ‘feature’ – user acquisition, sales, financial controlling, hr, etc…

the only thing that changes is, that you can start with a ‘feature’ and build the rest later. but you better be prepared to do that, or you’ll miss your opportunity.


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