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Have a Very Bokeh Christmas

While wandering around Ljubljana yesterday, I met two friends from previous lives. While briefly catching up, they’ve asked me two very interesting questions, that made me realize two important points about my current life and how it’s different from other segments of Slovenian reality.

A friend from academia, professor, has asked me what is it again that we are doing, “something web right, I mean, I’m guessing you’re doing everything by now…” She was assuming that a successful company must be expanding the portfolio, rather than be successful in one niche. Kind of old school, but predominant assumption in our society.

A friend from NGO, now freelance designer, has asked me “so you guys are still focused? Is it hard to keep working on just one thing?” My answer was “it’s hard, but it makes sense to focus”. His question was excellent, to the point, and surprisingly nobody asked me this ever before. And it neatly expressed the modus operandi of the freelance crowd over here – be overwhelmed by projects, doesn’t matter if you finish them really.

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