How many consultants does it take, to make a business plan?

November 23rd, 2007 § Comments Off on How many consultants does it take, to make a business plan? § permalink

imageLive blogging from a 5 hour session with 8 top-level consultants, approached with a problem of sorting out our exact value proposition and market analisys. When we started, they knew nothing (0, zilch, nada) about blogging, now they are happily crunching numbers and designing their spreadsheets to look nice. I am not sure, whether this means they understood what I want from them, or are they simply running under time pressure, but it looks impressive nevertheless.

First I had a briefing for them, they posted some basic questions, then they started brainstorming ideas we went trough three months ago, then they started posting individual questions I’ve been banging my head with last two months, and now I am really curious what they will come up with. It might be, that if they had a couple of days they would progress immensly, in comparison to my performance, even though they lack the market insight and are trying to convince me, to go into advertising.

Hehe, and now their spreadsheets got buggy…

Business travelling

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imageNice feature of my job is travelling around different conferences, representing and evangelising my company. Some peopleI know hate this, but i’ve learned to like it. Today I spoke with a german collegue, who explained, that while some others can live most of their proffesional time in one city, because all the relevant partners are in the same place, while he is spending more than half of his time away from his girlfriend. In this sense it really is a bit unfair.

I learned to appreciate the hotel rooms, with all the luxury I won’t have at home for quite some time. There’s nothing like a nice hot bath after a busy day. It is something I can’t afford at home.

I just wish my duckling was with with me all the time.

Differences in biorythms

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imageWe went into alpha stage today, which basically means, we gave access to our service to some handpicked users, which we will annoy for the rest of the week demanding feedback. I love deadlines, my collegues aswell. Deadlines are the best way to raise productivity, actually they are the only way.

That said, you can imagine, it was an all-nighter again. I went to sleep at 5am, and the last man standing woke me up at 9am because I had to send official invitation letters. Three hours later he is still sitting accross the  tableworking on his computer. These guys are really incredible!

It is not usual for me to stay up so late. When I woke up today I had to immedietly start working on random office tasks, which basically means I am not going back to sleep. It’s the same every day, except that normally I go to sleap earlier, which always causes some complaints from the team, who by then just start working again after dinner. And it never helps if I explain, that I’ve woken up six hours before them.

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