TypePad Blogs Get More Relevant With Zemanta Recommendations

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Groucho Marx & anonymous blogging

Groucho Marx & anonymous blogging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m late to the game, probably everyone knows already, but for the record:

TypePad Blogs Get More Relevant With Zemanta Recommendations

Life just got a little easier for bloggers who use TypePad. The hosted blogging platform announced that it is integrating Zemanta’s content recommendation tools into its service, which suggests links to related stories from across the Web. Zemanta also generates in-text links to related information.

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… when we started 5 years ago, we had a list of most relevant blogging platforms of all times. now all of them are our partners 🙂 it feels empowering and inspiring to make dreams happen, but you have to remind yourself of that achievement, because when you reach them, you have other dream already.

Guest Blogging And Black Mailing. Or What Is It?

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I was really sad when I read this article. So far I have rarely came across misunderstandings amongst fellow bloggers.  Every time a blogger screws a fellow blogger, a pony dies somewhere.

Guest Blogging And Black Mailing. Or What Is It?

I love doing guest blogging. And I love so many genuine guest bloggers who are nurturing the blogosphere with awesome content on other blogs, apart from their own. Since I’m so much into guest blogging and since I’ve experienced all its goodness,…

We need this to understand how you use our service - you can take it out if you like. Cheers, your Blogspire team.

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reblog: Why Every Professional Should Consider Blogging

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this is by far best summary of reasons I have seen so far. all true, all tried:

Why Every Professional Should Consider Blogging

I often argue that professionals should share their knowledge online via blogging. The catch is that virtually anything worthwhile in life takes time and effort, and blogging is not an exception to this statement. So before committing your energy to such an endeavor, you may rightfully stop and wonder what’s in it for you. Is blogging really worth it?

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… in reality, every bloggers cares about one or two of these points. for me they are (1) improve communication skills, and (3) personal repository. they were the reason I started blogging myself. and then, after a while, all other benefits creep into your life and y

ou get used to them. and people start calling you blogger. then, you should always keep in mind the ones that get you going in the first place, in order to stay true to yourself. the readers can detect when you start deceiving them and they will go away.

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