PR News Poll: Wikipedia Mostly Unexplored By PR Pros

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My Grace Park Photo On Wikipedia

My Grace Park Photo On Wikipedia (Photo credit: kk+)

I am surprised, more and more often, by really well written Wikipedia pages for very obscure people and services.

I so far assumed they are written by themselves, or rather a PR professional on their behalf.I just couldn’t believe there is enough people who care about XX to properly maintain that article, and even have it much more elaborate than for instance the one about YY.

Also, my favorite trick to use for content-based pet projects in Slovenia is, to contribute part of the content to an under resourced Wikipedia, and cite the new project as the source. Everybody wins.

So I guess I’m surprised that Wikipedia is not under attack by mercenaries who should know everything about content business. It might be that Wikipedians are such merciless defenders of the shrine, that nobody evil dares to touch it.  😉

PR News Poll: Wikipedia Mostly Unexplored By PR Pros

PR News Poll: Wikipedia Mostly Unexplored By PR Pros By Bill Miltenberg, PR News There’s been an ongoing debate between leading PR pros and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales about PR’s participation in the creation and editing of Wikipedia posts. Wales says that objectivity and transparency is lacking among PR pros, especially within agencies.

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I think it’s a fascinating topic, and one we will hear more about this year, as the content marketing goes mainstream. What if Wikipedians were paid to edit Wikipedia full time?

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surviving wikipedia blackout

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Wikipedia blackout - January 18, 2012

Image by captsolo via Flickr

a couple of weeks ago i downloaded large part of wikipedia into my chrome. it felt a bit excessive experiment at that point, but, today, as we are experiencing wikipedia blackout, it actually came in extremely handy. feels weird to live in a world where having a local copy of a website is the only way to do business. feels like nineties all over again. fuck you SOPA.

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