Why You Should Care About Your Klout Score

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Theme of Carmen's influence over José from Bi...

Theme of Carmen's influence over Jose from Bizet's Carmen. Created in Lilypond using the G. Schirmer vocal score from 1895. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

interesting article, with one key point: “your klout score might not be accurate measure of pure influence, but it does show if you are socializing your influence” – and by focusing on it, klout is training us all to be more social online.

of course the real reason why ‘socializing influence’ is being popularized, is because it helps the brands and merchants sell more trough their evangelists.

but at the same time, as a collateral damage, i believe making us more social is a significant and positive contribution of several web services these days – they are making us into different, hopefully better, humans of the future.

Why You Should Care About Your Klout Score

It’s fashionable to feign indifference to your Klout score, which measures online influence. Some professionals think it’s uncool to seem too interested in their rankings; others believe all you need to worry about is creating good content.

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New Reuters Site Turns News Decisions Over To Social Media

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this is imho really significant – reuters has special ability to productize complex but obvious phenomena – like semantic web a few years ago, and social curation now. also super great to see friends from Percolate and Klout are part of this project.

New Reuters Site Turns News Decisions Over To Social Media

News agency Reuters launched Social Pulse, which it describes as a “social media hub” that will display “the most talked-about news, companies and influencers across the Web.” The site is unique in the news-curating space in that it uses trends from the Twitter accounts Reuters and its journalists follow to arrange headlines:…

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