Art of leadership

November 14th, 2007 § Comments Off on Art of leadership § permalink

imageBeing the head of a social group simply happens to some people. They are silently voted into the function, because of a number of ‘right’ moves in the everyday operations.
These right moves are simply about keeping their head clear at any time, even when the others freak out. Everyone wants someone to comfort them, except the leader, who doesn’t need it, since she simply doesn’t feel threatened by the world. So the art of leadership is mainly about staying rational no matter what.
Collateral damage of being the only one to act sober is to be the only one to make decisions. Even when you don’t really know the right path, others will force you with their big puppy eyes. It is thus imperative to have incredibly good hunch for advice, to know who to trust and when to change course, even if it isn’t obvious. Knowing when to be irrational and stick to some weird gut feeling means more than half of the successful leadership.
I guess it’s about following the intuition when setting the course and obeying the reason when walking up that road, is actually how the human was meant to behave in the wild. Call it fear, hope, wishfull thinking or anything else, the sense of every action remains emotinal, even when the reasons are obvious.

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