Slovenia’s Big Pay ‘Wall’ Has Made €26,000

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it’s actually not a bad result, they managed to reach everyone possibly interested in just a month.

slovenia has 2M population, but the largest print daily newspaper had 200k circulation. so it’s safe to assume that only 0.5M people read newspapers, and 5000 customers online is exactly 1%. that’s the penetration you can always count on, regardless of what you’re doing.

I’ll bet that they will never get above that 🙂

Slovenia’s Big Pay ‘Wall’ Has Made €26,000

Piano Media, the online news payment system which first launched in Slovakia last year, says it made €26,000 in its first month in Slovenia this year. Users pay €4.90 per month for access to new paid parts of all nine participating sites from the country’s main publishers. So I calculate Piano has 5,306 paying customers in Slovenia.

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