Online ‘dating service’ for tech jobs

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An example of one of True's online ads.

An example of one of True’s online ads. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not surprised by this approach:

Online ‘dating service’ for tech jobs launched

In today’s tech scene, matching professionals to job openings may be more of a mating dance than a business transaction. Online dating services such as eHarmony and employ algorithms to match the compatibility of users, and then facilitates a way for them to connect.


… however, I believe that what is essential for a successful match is not better algorithms, but teaching both parties to become aware and dare to  spell out requirements and expectations. After you know what you are really looking for, and write it down in appropriate voice, the other party will recognize itself and apply, and everyone else who is not appropriate will look away.

embrace your quirkiness is what i’m trying to say. it will help you. with recruiting and with personal life.

this attitude helped many people find more rewarding jobs, like this community manager story. know what you want from your life, or take vacation / sabbatical.

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