if startups are rock bands, who’s the producer?

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The Strokes live at Stubb's March 14th night b...

The Strokes live at Stubb's March 14th night before SXSW. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

let’s start with a quote from a friend Shane Snow:

I think being an entrepreneur is all about executing creative ideas — being the guy (or girl) who actually starts a band rather than sitting around with friends and talking about how cool it would be, or being the one who actually sits down and builds a prototype rather than just talking about it for years until someone else builds it.

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there’s also a nice infrographic comparison of the rock band and the startup team, listing several similarities, like hard work, lot’s of persistence and luck, and ability to listen to the audience.

all of this is very true, and i find it more inspiring than a remark that another friend did once – “guys used to go to the army, now they go to startups.”

, an American music producer, composer and ent...

, an American music producer, composer and entrepreneur. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

however, there is a role in entertainment business that is being under-estimated by everyone who never had to work in it – the producer.

In film and music industry, the producer is the one running the show, making decisions, including the decision on who will be ‘the boss’. producers know their ‘markets’, the mediums (film, music) and their ‘teams’ better than anyone. they are the one crucial component to the success, because they keep a neutral position and try to emphasize the best the team has to offer.

this is what an experienced CEO does, and something that an inexperienced first-time entrepreneur cannot do. at least not good or efficiently.

so where are the producers then? their role is being played by accelerators, business books, mentors/advisors/elders, but is it enough?

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