#1 natural limit of web economy? Land!

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Geeks live their lives peacefully in the online world most of the time, but every now and then reality hits us on our heads – this article beautifully outlines how old-fashioned housing legislation in silicon valley is limiting the ability of online business to grow.

Too hot for jobs

THE financial press went ape this week over the highly anticipated IPO of one Facebook, the Harvard social network turned $100 billion phenomenon. Facebook’s soaring valuation has focused attention on a Silicon Valley that is once again booming, and it has led many to wonder whether social networking isn’t inflating into yet another tech bubble.

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New Reuters Site Turns News Decisions Over To Social Media

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this is imho really significant – reuters has special ability to productize complex but obvious phenomena – like semantic web a few years ago, and social curation now. also super great to see friends from Percolate and Klout are part of this project.

New Reuters Site Turns News Decisions Over To Social Media

News agency Reuters launched Social Pulse, which it describes as a “social media hub” that will display “the most talked-about news, companies and influencers across the Web.” The site is unique in the news-curating space in that it uses trends from the Twitter accounts Reuters and its journalists follow to arrange headlines:…

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Importance of Staff Meetings

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Staff Meeting
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I’m reading Steven Johnson‘s latest book: Where good ideas come from. Lot’s of interesting points being made, but I just came across one, that is specially important for entrepreneurs.

Steven describes an experiment done by some social psychologists, who wired science labs with microphones and cameras, to be able to track the entire process of idea creation in vivo, and observe where they occurred.

My first thought was: “it’s going to be the coffee machine” – the conversations in a relaxed mode during a short break and the lightbulb moment seem to make sense. The book suggested it will be a lone researcher in his lab, bending over his microscope.

Rather than those two situations, the breakthrough ideas were happening at regular weekly staff meetings. This fact alone is a good enough reason to have them, even if you think your startup is not large enough yet. Just do it, it will pay off.

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SOMESSO – social media for enterprises conf

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Somesso 84

I was lucky to get opportunity to participate and present Zemanta at the first SOMESSO conference last week in Zurich. It was an extremely nice event, bringing together enterprises, social media experts and entrepreneurs, in a suprisingly constructive fashion – no traditional european don’t-look-at-me atmosphere, but a rather relaxed hey-what-are-you-up-to thing.

Big congrats to organizers and very much looking forward to the next event taking place in London in May next year.

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LinkedIn Apps

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Pollice Verso (Image via Wikipedia I got notified about long expected feature of Apps within LinkedIn being released. Exciting!

But, as usual with those guys, it doesn’t work the first time; and looking at some other features they’ve released this year, it’s not going to for some more time.

The first three apps I’ve tried responded:

  • problem communicating with server
  • undefined
  • temporary overloaded

The last one  is actually from my friends over at Huddle.net, huge congrats to them, not only for being featured app, but also the only one with articulated damage control.

When clicking on  ‘browse more apps’ nothing happens. Doh.When going to my profile I see loads of advertisements for all the apps I haven’t installed and no activity from those that I have. The exception is SixApart, that actually seems to be doing something useful. Thumbs up!

All in all, please LinkedIn, can you take some more time on finishing the job on launch next time?

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