can entrepreneur really work ‘virtually’ ?

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Indonesia (Photo credit: zsoolt)

this article suggests that it depends on the type of a business, which sounds like a safe bet.

Entrepreneurs: Do You really Need Virtual Offices?

In today’s business world, working in a location independent manner is possible – thanks to the enabling technologies, such as mobile technology, the Internet, and such. You are now enabled to, say, live in Bali, Indonesia while having your business operates in, say, Canberra, Australia;…

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… however, my experience is that you have to, you really must be close to your clients (or users). if being close means hanging out on their IRC channel then fine, but more often it means at least a local phone number and ability to take them out for lunch/coffee.

if you’re thinking about a startup, assume that you will have to relocate to where your clients are. period.


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