Is Social Media Strategy Required or Redundant?

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Funny argument going on here:

Is Social Media Strategy Required or Redundant?

I don’t have a problem with Guy Kawasaki. I enjoy his books. His track record in business is substantial. We have friends in common. But on the subject of social media strategy, we disagree in every possible way. Last month, Guy was interviewed (that happens a lot) in Inc.

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I think ‘strategy’ here actually means “I am serious about my content marketing“, and nothing else. And yes, more people should accept that they have to be serious about their content, as it is the only thing that represents them out there these days.

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rough winds

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Deutsch: Stolperstein, Gertrud Pincus, Windsch...

Deutsch: Stolperstein, Gertrud Pincus, Windscheidstraße 8, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Deutschland English: "Stolperstein" (stumbling block), Gertrud Pincus, Windscheidstraße 8, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany Koordinate: 52°30′31″N 13°17′54″E / °S °W / ; latd>90 (dms format) in latd latm lats longm longs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

strange news in my feeds today, two fellow startups are struggling – Profitably and Seesmic.

profitably situation is breathtaking, as venturebeat just broke this story about misunderstandings between founders, employees and investors. well worth reading, and key takeaway should be – in a startup, you have nothing to build on but trust. if you loose trust, you’re gone.

luckily none of them are loosing hope and closing doors yet, as loic puts it in the interview about seesmic layoffs:

“I don’t give up, that’s how I am. I always have faith in my team, and I keep going. Success is going from failure to failure until you reach success. There are many examples; one of them is Mark Pincus, who couldn’t raise money for Zynga… I think he’s probably laughing right now when he thinks about that.”

… he is exactly right, persistence is the key to success, if nothing else because most people are less dedicated than the true entrepreneurs, who simply don’t take no for an answer, but rather make the world change.

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The Internet: It’s like Real Life, Only With Buttons

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English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

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the article is actually about SEO and designing buttons, so not really what i was hoping for, but i really love the title:

The Internet: It’s like Real Life, Only With Buttons

Every time I read about social media these days, I end up hearing about how social sharing metrics are becoming a bigger factor in everything from organic rankings to driving additional clicks from visitors already on your site. And it makes total sense.


… it expresses without hesitation the promise of the web, and what it actually is striving for – reinvent and emulate everything that makes us humans. just think of all the catchy buzzwords flying around past two decades: shopping, socializing, mobility, expression, gaming… it almost reads like titles of books on philosophical anthropology at the beginning of 20th century: homo faber, homo ludens, homo creator, homo socius… (full list)

if only we were more aware of the similarities and not reinvent the wheel all the time.

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how big is twitter vs the web

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website ideas

website ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

today Twitter will get it’s 500Mth user, and that facebook is way past that for a year already.

it’s fascinating in a way, that almost 10% of the population of the world is tweeting, but then i noticed another information: WordPress now powers over 60 million blogs, 16% of all websites. (

this is amazing % for one single cms, but what really surprised me, is that it seems there is really just 400M websites out there in the web. i kind of assumed there has to be more than that.

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Why A Blogger Needs To Be Crazy

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English: A spiky Explosion!

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I would actually expand on this point, to claim that ‘to achieve anything, one has to be crazy’. i think we should all start fighting to redefine the word ‘crazy’, clean it of it’s bad connotations, more towards the proposed meaning from this article: ‘extremely enthusiastic’.

Why A Blogger Needs To Be Crazy

Are you a crazy blogger (do you think I am crazing for writing this blog post)? Before we start, let me ask you some questions: What comes to your mind when you think the word crazy? Why? Take a piece of paper and write it down. Do not, I repeat, Do not scroll down to read more. Just answer the question first. Are you done?


now, historically, the word crazy comes from ‘cracking pot’, something that is about to fall apart. it’s fascinating how our generation is making ‘explosions’ a good thing. instead of thinking of solid objects, nicely polished, we prefer energy, as free and intertwining as possible. we are fascinated by Emergence of higher-order patterns.

we are becoming ants.

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New Reuters Site Turns News Decisions Over To Social Media

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this is imho really significant – reuters has special ability to productize complex but obvious phenomena – like semantic web a few years ago, and social curation now. also super great to see friends from Percolate and Klout are part of this project.

New Reuters Site Turns News Decisions Over To Social Media

News agency Reuters launched Social Pulse, which it describes as a “social media hub” that will display “the most talked-about news, companies and influencers across the Web.” The site is unique in the news-curating space in that it uses trends from the Twitter accounts Reuters and its journalists follow to arrange headlines:…


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it’s a huge market – farming

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#seedcamp @farmeron making farmers happy again...

Image by paulamarttila via Flickr

I mentored a great startup last year, Farmeron – they are an awesome team, your, hungry and able to produce their own food. I also felt they are trying to bring the second largest market on the planet to the digital age– farming. this news is a great confirmation of the hunch, and I’m looking forward to the future where IT will actually make a difference for the quality of life.

On the Internet of Things IBM Tracks Your Pork From Farm to Fork. Starting with China

IBM has set out to prove it can revolutionize the food industry with data, starting with China. Six industrial slaughterhouses and 100 markets in Shandong Province are part of a large scale test in tracking pork from farm to customer.


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Freedom of information in social media

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Many online services are a great place for communication with people you don’t have time to meet in person often enough anymore. By simply broadcasting to Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and others, many people can be kept up to date with my life and thoughts, enabling us to meet at perfect timings without much logistical and emotional overhead. They are a serendipity support platforms.

Since serendipity used to be in gods domain, this can get tricky. “Here be dragons” I say.

All these services are based on broadcasting to your followers (friends). It turns out, there is a huge, but not perfect overlap of the crowds across platforms. And it turns out, we shape the messages to fit the crowds more than to adapt to platforms. This is all managable.

Where it gets tricky though is, when I link my Facebook status with my Twitter account. Suddenly all my FB friends, that originate from very different backgrounds and environments, see not only when I get up, but also when I’m having a cocktail. Sometimes I might not want that.

Friendfeed is even more fun, bringing all channels, intended for different audiences into single feed, making any control of the message impossible. These second level services are kind of sincerity support platforms.

I guess it’s all about the freedom; but not my personal freedom, the fate of the planetary cybernetic system depends on the freedom of information now. It makes the social world more transparent and managable, for the government, corporations, advertisers, and me as well… *sigh*

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