ooocon06 pics

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the most illustrative pictures of the week:

  • day 0 – setup
  • day 4 – first night of work
  • day 5 – beauty sleep:

/me ressurected

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ooocon06 media coverage was a success. in the end, the most energy consuming part of it was the drive – 2200 kilometers, 2x 12 hours through the whole north italy. not too much traffic, but both drivers complained it was a long ride.

over there, we  split our tasks so efficiently, that nobody was seriously stressed out. ok, we slept 5h in last three days, but it wasn’t really a problem, we thought it was really fun.

well, after we got back, my brain just shut down at midnight. i woke up at 5pm, and it took me an hour to understand what has happened. another shock was 100 emails from these last 24 hours…

we are still receiving congrats, and so long, only one complaint about slow link and one complaint about putting wrong name in the archive – not misspeled, but a last minute replacement speaker. hence, not our fault.

i’m happy. 😉

another video archive

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i got by a great collection of vintage videos…

check this out…

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