Favourite dialogues…

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Remember the ‘just did’ dialogue from ‘Pretty Woman’?
Edward: I’ve never treated you like a prostitute.
[He walks away.]
Vivian: You just did.

Games people play

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imageIt was a play-ful day. Well, at least it started and ended with one.
After some 15 years, I player a nice little arcade with jumping space ship – one of those games, that make you forget about everything around you and just repeat simple operations that get your spaceship to the finish. Similar to Tetris, but that computer was already taken.
It made me realize how very different this game experience is from another type of ‘games’, the wicked ways of miscommunication, going on in the intersubjective space.
I made an interesting mistake once, comparing a particular behaviour to a ‘game’; and got slaped. Rightfuly one might add, for the carrier of that behaviour was true to her feelings and serious about the consequenses.
Playing games implies playfulnes, but with a touch of carelesness aswell. Don’t joke about playing games.


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I don’t do addictions. Whenever I sense I am not doing something out of a neccesity or a ritual habit, I get nervous and worried about my future.

Addictions are evil, in the sense of stealing your attention from the real world into a imaginary one, and put it in a feedback loop there. No problem if it’s a small controled loop, but serious problem if grows to influence other parts of life. Some addictions do that, because they have a viral nature – they need to spread to survive. In order to fulfil their demand for attention, one has to give up chuncks of his spare real life.

I preffer standing firmly on the ground. So I canceled a habit that started to make me unstable a bit to often lately. One should never have to decide between real and imaginary – to decide means to reason, which means solving problems. Imaginary should be there for pleasure, not for problems. I have enough of those already.


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imageToday is a very special day. For the first time in my life, I had to go to work in my office in the morning. It was interesting, how this occured to only after I’ve already been waking up for some half an hour. Suddenly I had to run, no morning coffee, no tea, no breakfast, no time.
I wasn’t late. In fact, I was the first to show up. *sigh*
We got this office just before we set out for the wild wild west, so in the last months, our head of home office was using it. He had quite some obligations here, so it was very useful for him. What surprised me a bit is, that just looking at it, one can tell that – by the peaceful disorder on one of the desks, by nicely labeled maps of documents, which I had left in a complete mess, by a pack of Cedevita on the shelf.
I felt at home coming to my office today. Then I noticed a strange object on the file cabinet – a plaquete. Right, ‘we’ received some awards in the meantime, and it never occured to me, that they come in physical form. I held it in my hands, just like you are suppose to look at the plaquete, and threw it on the sofa, but with just enough care, that it landed smoothly. Oh, no, no sofa, sorry – I just put it back whre it was.
In another corner I spotted an ever stranger object. Another award, in the shape of a black and colorful monoltyth. I like monolyths, and this one comes in two pieces, that stick together by the sheer force of air. Interesting.
The next task for me will be to find some coffee. And breakfast.
Today is bound to be a good day.

11. in 12. teden

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imageGlede na to, kako narašča časovnaoddaljenost dveh dnevnikov tu je tale verjetno zadnje oglašanje iz bivanja v Londonu.

Zadnji tedni so bili napeti; saj sem vedel da bo tako, zato se niti ne pritožujem preveč. Zaradi oddaljenosti prihoda in približevanja odhoda, zaradi ključnih odločitev in zaradi nekaterih nepredvidljivih situacij, smo se precej več ukvarjali sami s sabo kot prej; kar je zelo dobro, ker, in to je eden od pomembnih naukov teh mesecev – če komunikacija Å¡epa grejo projekti po zlu.  Mi smo vpregli kurente in se pripravljamo na pomlad. 😉

Druga pomembna lekcija, vsaj zame je bila, da ne moreÅ¡ vedno imeti vsega, in da ni nič narobe s tem. Tako kot tudi ni nič narobe, če ti uspe dobiti vse. 😉

Sedaj imamo že pripravljene kovčke za Pariz, kar povroči precej zanimivo vzdušje pričakovanja. Sedaj je čas za sanje.

On Blogging

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imageThere is an ongoing debate about what is blogging all about, and why is it important. The classical skeptics argument is, “Why should I be interested in your punny thoughts?” Well, for every content there is an audience, and these audiences varry from blog to blog. Every blog has a purpose.
But that is not the most important reason why everyone should blog. The real reason is, that blogging is the next evolutionary step of literacy. First, long time ago, people were skeptic about learning to read – it took valuable time off someone, who should be hunting animals or working in the fields. The intimate result of literacy revolution was the spread of personal Diaries, that fullfil several roles, but the most important one is, to learn to write. Actually, more than that, to learn to write a story.
Now, blogs fulfill the next step – writing a blog is a training to learn to write a story to the audience – to tell a story.
As the amount of information circuling is rising, as more and more our lives are dependant on interacting with each other, knowing how to efficiently tell a story becomes incredibly important. Nobody likes to listen to someone, who is constantly loosing his trail, who can illustrate the points approprietly or doesn’t have a sense of humour. And you don’t need these rhetorical skills in your personal diary.

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