and the geeks shall inherit the hollywood…

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HOLLYWOOD, CA - JANUARY 13:  (Top row) Directo...

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a couple of days ago I saw this article, from an obviously certified geek, who believes our species has the right to reinvent everything it did or didn’t hear it existed before:

My idea to “Kill Hollywood” This is in response to the excellent Y Combinator “Kill Hollywood” request for startups. I think it’s simple (though not easy ): beat them at their own game by starting a new studio. A kind of studio that has never existed. A kind that could not have existed before.


it caught my eye, because he is actually writing in response to Y-Combinators appeal to kill hollywood, not because it is supporting SOPA, but:

but because SOPA brought it to our attention that Hollywood is dying. They must be dying if they’re resorting to such tactics. If movies and TV were growing rapidly, that growth would take up all their attention.


… now, coming from media background, I was doubly fascinated with this happening:

Hollywood is a well-known area of Los Angeles ...

Note the cell towers lurking in the background... Image via Wikipedia

  1. what a stupidly short-sighted appeal from y-combinator – as if they don’t remember that TV didn’t kill the radio, than cable didn’t kill the TV, and that internet didn’t kill the cable. if anything they are all jointly killing our old ways of life.
  2. what an ignorant attitude from a random geek towards a humongous industry that developed trough 120 years. don’t get me wrong, his analysis is 85% correct – that’s exactly how the movie industry works, smart-ass!
and again, don’t get me wrong – i do similar ‘sins’ all the time – our generation seems to severely failed to learn from previous ones, or from history. we assume we know everything, because we are the first to really know everything is calculable, and that we might live to see the GUT.
because of that, whatever we do, think or say, is in fact, annoying, presumptuous and half-right. the other half we are yet to learn the hard way. it’s the curse of our generation.
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reblog: Stonehenge’s great escape

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to think that someone would want to build a highway under Stonehenge

As We Were Saying: Stonehenge’s great escape

Today is a double landmark for the Heritage Journal. This is our 1,000th post since we switched to our current WordPress format and coincidentally it is also 3 years to the day since we did so. So we thought it a good moment to start an occasional series in which we revisit some of our earlier posts. We are calling it “As We Were Saying”….


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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

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reblog: Why Every Professional Should Consider Blogging

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Image by francescopozzi via Flickr

this is by far best summary of reasons I have seen so far. all true, all tried:

Why Every Professional Should Consider Blogging

I often argue that professionals should share their knowledge online via blogging. The catch is that virtually anything worthwhile in life takes time and effort, and blogging is not an exception to this statement. So before committing your energy to such an endeavor, you may rightfully stop and wonder what’s in it for you. Is blogging really worth it?


… in reality, every bloggers cares about one or two of these points. for me they are (1) improve communication skills, and (3) personal repository. they were the reason I started blogging myself. and then, after a while, all other benefits creep into your life and y

ou get used to them. and people start calling you blogger. then, you should always keep in mind the ones that get you going in the first place, in order to stay true to yourself. the readers can detect when you start deceiving them and they will go away.

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beautiful localized ad campaign in russia

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Русский: Сергей Прокудин-Горский. "Лев То...

Image via Wikipedia

From Russia with fashion: MediaMarkt 2010 calendar

MediaMarkt stores calendar 2010 is an exellent idea and perfect project! The authors made remixes to traditional russian images for russian fairy tales…with moder point of view! It`s the best AD-campaign in 2010, i think! Did you like this tales? =)

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slovenski proračun in deficit

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po spletu odmeva ena zanimiva kvintesencialna infografika:

The budget explained in simple English – Mr. Conservative

Something as complicated as the United States debt simplified in a way we can all understand… Lets remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household income.

us budget deficit in simple english

… zanimiva je ker ne poskuÅ¡a biti na silo vizualna, pa je Å¡e vedno izjemno povedna. mislim da rabimo različico za Slovensko realnost…

Nekaj podatkov o Slovenskih javnih financah (2010):

  • Prihodki od davkov: € 7.011.901.071
  • Drugi dohodki (EU & obresti): € 1.613.100.580
  • Proračun: € 12.333.046.786
  • Proračunski primankljaj: € 3.708.045.135
  • Dolgovi države: € 3.621.773.371
  • Privarčevano z intervencijskim zakonom: € 65.000.000

Ce odstranimo 5 ničel se lahko pretvarjamo da je to družinski proračun:

  • Leten dohodek družine: € 70.119
  • Donacije človekoljubnih sosedov: € 16.131
  • Denar, ki ga je družina porabila: € 123.305
  • Nov minus na kreditni kartici: € 37.080
  • Obstoječ minus na kreditni kartici: € 36.217
  • Privarčevano: € 650
ni videti bistvene razlike. oboje je strašljivo.
podatki: slo-tech
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reblog: making library hip again?

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Libraries Work Because We Do!

Image by circulating via Flickr

wow, what an awesomely fun project from my fellow Slovenians.

I can well imagine those dusty librarians having immense amount of fun packaging these together and trying to imagine the reader who will have receivedThe Stranger, 1Q84 and The Little Prince in an existentialists pacage, and how that will impact her life from that point onwards, and how she will  become a better person and help older people cross the street, and gather courage to divorce that annoying husband after 15 years and start having relaxed fun in life again.

i got a bit carried away here, but the project really sounds like something libraries should do more often. people like to get surprised in real world.

Slovenian library creates surprise book packs based on genre

Last year we saw both people and dogs loaned out by libraries, but it would seem there’s still plenty that can still be done with books as well. Aiming to introduce more fun into library loaning, The National and University Library of Slovenia recently ran a program offering mystery packs of books to their customers.


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reblog: The conditions for survival and prosperity

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amazing analysis / view / info-graphic almost, on the expected lifespan of personal computers companies.

The conditions for survival and prosperity

Yesterday’s post described the history of personal computing platforms over the past 37 years. It showed a distinct shifting of “eras” between traditional personal computing and the emergent mobile computing represented by device-based platforms.

Underlying these lives (and deaths) of platforms were the growth (and decline) of fortunes of companies


the chart is potentially good argument against apple-skeptics: they are in the business twice the time everybody else is, surely they learned more about users of personal computers than anyone.

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it’s a huge market – farming

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#seedcamp @farmeron making farmers happy again...

Image by paulamarttila via Flickr

I mentored a great startup last year, Farmeron – they are an awesome team, your, hungry and able to produce their own food. I also felt they are trying to bring the second largest market on the planet to the digital age– farming. this news is a great confirmation of the hunch, and I’m looking forward to the future where IT will actually make a difference for the quality of life.

On the Internet of Things IBM Tracks Your Pork From Farm to Fork. Starting with China

IBM has set out to prove it can revolutionize the food industry with data, starting with China. Six industrial slaughterhouses and 100 markets in Shandong Province are part of a large scale test in tracking pork from farm to customer.


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surviving wikipedia blackout

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Wikipedia blackout - January 18, 2012

Image by captsolo via Flickr

a couple of weeks ago i downloaded large part of wikipedia into my chrome. it felt a bit excessive experiment at that point, but, today, as we are experiencing wikipedia blackout, it actually came in extremely handy. feels weird to live in a world where having a local copy of a website is the only way to do business. feels like nineties all over again. fuck you SOPA.

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