Twitter Updates for 2008-10-31

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  • Snow! Loads of snow outside! #
  • @tomazstolfa zurich… 🙂 #
  • Aaaa! They use different power plugs! #
  • If you fly from south africa over antarctica, what is the next country you fly over? Norway? Iceland? #
  • @zornada I had them there, but took em out just last week… *sigh* #
  • Social media makes everyone a salesperson. Hm… #
  • (Btw, these twitts are live from SOMESSO conference) #
  • 75 pct of bottomup innovation are a success… Mhm #
  • Lots of medieval features are coming back into the sciety… #
  • “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” #
  • What is your biggest and earliest risk you’ve taken? #
  • Problem with financing startups in europe is that vcs don’t believe founders can be ceos… #
  • Freiwiligkeit ist der preis der freiheit #
  • Another web 1-2-3.0 presentation? #
  • Social networks are like different countries #
  • Presentation done, audience had some fun 🙂 #
  • @gandalfar well, it is a national holliday right… 😉 #
  • @somesso congrats on the conference, one of the best events in europe in the last year! #
  • why am I still always nervous before giving presentations or lectures? It doesn’t help me at all… #
  • @kumpri a se bos sel maraton maratonov? #
  • Happy to know enough german to be able to communicate the route back with a nice older swiss lady… 🙂 #
  • Watching falling boxes on a 3d lightbox on zurich haupbahnhof. Cute. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-30

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  • @masaarko I’m feeling productive this week 🙂 #
  • @tadej and the crowd goes wild 😉 #
  • Finances goe mainstream – hearing depression jokes on a familly dinner 🙂 #

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Zdravilna moč depresije

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Ode to the moonImage by VeVi via FlickrV zadnjem mesecu se je svet nekoliko korenito spremenil. V Washingtonu se ne pogovarjajo preveč o bližnjih volitvah, v New Yorku ljudje ne hodijo več na kosila, v San Franciscu investitorji ne razmetavajo z denarjem in evropski voditelji izvajajo usklajene akcije. Vsi pa predvsem ves čas ponavljajo, da gre za večjo finančno krizo od velike depresije.

Nedavno sem prebiral pogovore z direktorji najrazličnejÅ¡ih storitvenih podjetij v Veliki Britaniji o tem, kako ta depresija vpliva na njihovo poslovanje. Bojda se je pomanjÅ¡alo povpraÅ¡evanje po dostavi sadja v pisarne, zmanjÅ¡ala se je uporaba taksijev in čistilnic, edino direktor računalniÅ¡kega podjetja za integrirane storitve je bil nasmejan – trenutno si vsi želijo racionalizirati poslovanje in njegova programska reÅ¡itev se prodaja za med.

V silicijevi dolini se zmanjÅ¡ujejo investicije v nadobudne startupe z divjimi idejami, obstoječi startupi klestijo stroÅ¡ke z odpuščanjem tretjine zaposlenih, predvsem iz raziskovanj in inovacij. V zakulisju pa njihovi direktorji priznavajo, da jim situacija pravzaprav koristi, ker se lahko brez slabe vesti ‘znebijo’ slabÅ¡ih delavcev in opravijo jesensko čiščenje.

Obenem nekateri startupi celo cvetijo – v zadnjih tednih so najbolj vidna podjetja (digg, automattic,…) prejela neverjetno velike investicije. To je znamenje, da skladi tveganega kapitala ‘parkirajo’ razpoložljiv denar v ‘varnejÅ¡e’ naložbe, ki bodo najverjetneje prevedrile depresijo.

Ne le prevedrila, zanesljivo bodo takšna podjetja iz nje izšla v bistveno boljšem položaju kot so danes. Ekonomska depresija je pravzaprav evolucijsko-sanitaren pojav, v katerem odmrejo iz raznih vzrokov neperspektivni organizmi. Kdor prinaša pravo vrednost za uporabnike bo vedno uspešen, v časih depresije pa bo lahko celo izstopil iz brbotajoče množice iz zavzel mesto, ki mu pripada. Zdi se, da so nekatere storitve na spletu že dosegle to raven  pomembnosti za zahodni svet.

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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-29

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  • linkedin had the worst launch I’ve seen so far. _nothing_ works over there. #
  • retweeting @zemanta : partners with MyBlogLog for better blogging experience #

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Zemanta rulez! (vanity post)

October 29th, 2008 § Comments Off on Zemanta rulez! (vanity post) § permalink

Sunrise shown in time lapse.  The motions of S...Image via WikipediaEvery time I blog with Zemanta I get excited, because it does all the right things for me.

I went to write the previous post with just a simple trail of thought in my mind, spurred by a newsletter in my inbox. Suddenly, I had relevant posts published trough the night sitting in my dashboard, so that I could get a grasp of the context in which I was writing.

Links to all relevant sites, divergent picture to illustrate my point, and boom, everything done easily, first thing in the morning.

After a successful post, I was happy to grab a breakfast. And guess what, when I came back, my post was already linked to from another blogger’s “related articles” section. Amazing!

Zemanta really does help me create a nice post I would never have enhanced with links and pics, and it promotes my blog in the network of users. My perfect companion!

But then again, I might be biased… 🙂

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LinkedIn Apps

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Pollice Verso (Image via Wikipedia I got notified about long expected feature of Apps within LinkedIn being released. Exciting!

But, as usual with those guys, it doesn’t work the first time; and looking at some other features they’ve released this year, it’s not going to for some more time.

The first three apps I’ve tried responded:

  • problem communicating with server
  • undefined
  • temporary overloaded

The last one  is actually from my friends over at, huge congrats to them, not only for being featured app, but also the only one with articulated damage control.

When clicking on  ‘browse more apps’ nothing happens. Doh.When going to my profile I see loads of advertisements for all the apps I haven’t installed and no activity from those that I have. The exception is SixApart, that actually seems to be doing something useful. Thumbs up!

All in all, please LinkedIn, can you take some more time on finishing the job on launch next time?

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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-28

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  • Listening to tom waits in a cab. #
  • i can haz cookie. jaffa cookie! #
  • alright, the ‘todo>todo’ subfolder is no more. now the todo… #
  • @masaarko nice find, kdo pa to poganja? #
  • back to the drawing board. literally – drawing mockups again, feels nice. #
  • I’m sick of these broken multiple facebook notifications. Deleting fb app… #
  • writing an email for a VIP… 🙂 #

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Fight the FB spam!

October 28th, 2008 § 3 comments § permalink

On the homepage for Facebook, a login form is ...Image via WikipediaAutumn started. More precisely, summer ended, which means lots of businesses and non-commercial associations started working again. Usually, this only meant an increase in traffic on the streets, but this year, it means increase in the FaceBook spam as well.

Following up on my notes on how Twitter hit Slovenia in Spring, it seems FB discovered us as well. Which is actually a great thing, because it’s way easier to organize parties now.  The only problem is, that my fellow citizens don’t know that FB friends are not meant for organizations or product.

I will not point at names, but apart from some really personal brands, it only makes sense that those smart web-marketing advisors who are behind this trend pull their clients off the FB and create proper entities that we can be ‘fans’ or ‘members’ of. After all, FB is one of the first social networking platforms that evables us to use it like that and thus fight the spammers.

I hope that anyone responsible reads this and gets it. I hate getting several new friend requests per day from top Slovenian companies. Imagine being ‘a friend of WallMart’ It makes me sick.

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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-27

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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-26

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  • Potovanja po evropi so neverjetna. Ko mesta postanejo trgi enotnega kosmopolitskega prostora brez meja in skupno tradicijo kavarn. #

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