On Blogging

December 4th, 2007 § Comments Off on On Blogging § permalink

imageThere is an ongoing debate about what is blogging all about, and why is it important. The classical skeptics argument is, “Why should I be interested in your punny thoughts?” Well, for every content there is an audience, and these audiences varry from blog to blog. Every blog has a purpose.
But that is not the most important reason why everyone should blog. The real reason is, that blogging is the next evolutionary step of literacy. First, long time ago, people were skeptic about learning to read – it took valuable time off someone, who should be hunting animals or working in the fields. The intimate result of literacy revolution was the spread of personal Diaries, that fullfil several roles, but the most important one is, to learn to write. Actually, more than that, to learn to write a story.
Now, blogs fulfill the next step – writing a blog is a training to learn to write a story to the audience – to tell a story.
As the amount of information circuling is rising, as more and more our lives are dependant on interacting with each other, knowing how to efficiently tell a story becomes incredibly important. Nobody likes to listen to someone, who is constantly loosing his trail, who can illustrate the points approprietly or doesn’t have a sense of humour. And you don’t need these rhetorical skills in your personal diary.

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