Differences in biorythms

November 19th, 2007 § Comments Off on Differences in biorythms § permalink

imageWe went into alpha stage today, which basically means, we gave access to our service to some handpicked users, which we will annoy for the rest of the week demanding feedback. I love deadlines, my collegues aswell. Deadlines are the best way to raise productivity, actually they are the only way.

That said, you can imagine, it was an all-nighter again. I went to sleep at 5am, and the last man standing woke me up at 9am because I had to send official invitation letters. Three hours later he is still sitting accross the  tableworking on his computer. These guys are really incredible!

It is not usual for me to stay up so late. When I woke up today I had to immedietly start working on random office tasks, which basically means I am not going back to sleep. It’s the same every day, except that normally I go to sleap earlier, which always causes some complaints from the team, who by then just start working again after dinner. And it never helps if I explain, that I’ve woken up six hours before them.

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