Business Advice: Your Next Board Member Should Be A Woman

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Even after 50 years of intensive fights, this gender inequality persists, almost everywhere in the World.

I believe it still exists for two reasons:

  1. the current, male-dominated, business environment is ‘good enough’ to provide society with whatever it needs. so the amount of energy going into changing it is limited.
  2. there is a qualitative difference in how man interact with other man vs. women, specially at the age in which most startup founders are these days.
because of these two ‘facts’, some would say, is it really a ‘problem’. i’d say it’s evidently out-of-balance, but to figure out what exactly is broken here, we have to dig deeper.

Why Your Next Board Member Should Be A Woman

Good questions have been asked lately of tech companies without gender diversity on their boards of directors.


If you’re not aware, studies also show companies with gender diversity at the top drive better financial performance on multiple measures – for example, 36% better stock price growth and 46% better return on equity. And, studies show the more women, the better the results.


Mike Maroone, AutoNation’s President and COO explained, “We looked at our board [and realized] it’s male dominated, while women make over 50% of the purchasing decisions in our business. And, the travel, music and news industries have been transformed by digital. We’re trying to transform the auto business and connect with the thinking of the digital generation, and we need this level of insight at the board level.”

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What might significantly change the way businessman look at gender inequality, and possibly classify it as a problem worth solving, is exactly this kind of research – pragmatic, practical, common sense even. if we are not employing women, we are by definition missing opportunities.

if you are in the business of making money, you are potentially vulnerable to competitors who understand the other half of the market better.

if you are in the business of changing the world, you have no chance to actually do so on your own.

now, my wife did an observation, that given how male-dominant the business is, any woman to actually make it to the top had to be 100x better than any man, so it’s no surprise that those companies are doing better.

wouldn’t it be great if the fate of the economy didn’t rely entirely on statistical luck?

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