Never trust a CEO that doesn’t cook.

November 14th, 2007 § Comments Off on Never trust a CEO that doesn’t cook. § permalink

imageRunning a company, especially a young startup is exactly like cooking. You need to be hard when cutting, tender when stirring, gentle when decorating, subtle with combining ingredients, and most important, you must never think about what you are doing.
In fact, running a young startup is all about cooking and food. Geeks tend to be hyperproductive, so they are likely to avoid other substances and distractions, but they know their food. We all know about the famous Google Chef, recentl I was attending a lecture by the Last.FM guys, who confirmed that the main ingredient of their success have been the lunches they provided their developers in the rough times.
We are currently running on a tight budget aswell, but we still have our Chief Chef and an endless suply of Jaffa Cakes. As long as the spirits are high, the code is compiling.

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