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imageToday is a very special day. For the first time in my life, I had to go to work in my office in the morning. It was interesting, how this occured to only after I’ve already been waking up for some half an hour. Suddenly I had to run, no morning coffee, no tea, no breakfast, no time.
I wasn’t late. In fact, I was the first to show up. *sigh*
We got this office just before we set out for the wild wild west, so in the last months, our head of home office was using it. He had quite some obligations here, so it was very useful for him. What surprised me a bit is, that just looking at it, one can tell that – by the peaceful disorder on one of the desks, by nicely labeled maps of documents, which I had left in a complete mess, by a pack of Cedevita on the shelf.
I felt at home coming to my office today. Then I noticed a strange object on the file cabinet – a plaquete. Right, ‘we’ received some awards in the meantime, and it never occured to me, that they come in physical form. I held it in my hands, just like you are suppose to look at the plaquete, and threw it on the sofa, but with just enough care, that it landed smoothly. Oh, no, no sofa, sorry – I just put it back whre it was.
In another corner I spotted an ever stranger object. Another award, in the shape of a black and colorful monoltyth. I like monolyths, and this one comes in two pieces, that stick together by the sheer force of air. Interesting.
The next task for me will be to find some coffee. And breakfast.
Today is bound to be a good day.

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