and the geeks shall inherit the hollywood…

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a couple of days ago I saw this article, from an obviously certified geek, who believes our species has the right to reinvent everything it did or didn’t hear it existed before:

My idea to “Kill Hollywood” This is in response to the excellent Y Combinator “Kill Hollywood” request for startups. I think it’s simple (though not easy ): beat them at their own game by starting a new studio. A kind of studio that has never existed. A kind that could not have existed before.


it caught my eye, because he is actually writing in response to Y-Combinators appeal to kill hollywood, not because it is supporting SOPA, but:

but because SOPA brought it to our attention that Hollywood is dying. They must be dying if they’re resorting to such tactics. If movies and TV were growing rapidly, that growth would take up all their attention.


… now, coming from media background, I was doubly fascinated with this happening:

Hollywood is a well-known area of Los Angeles ...

Note the cell towers lurking in the background... Image via Wikipedia

  1. what a stupidly short-sighted appeal from y-combinator – as if they don’t remember that TV didn’t kill the radio, than cable didn’t kill the TV, and that internet didn’t kill the cable. if anything they are all jointly killing our old ways of life.
  2. what an ignorant attitude from a random geek towards a humongous industry that developed trough 120 years. don’t get me wrong, his analysis is 85% correct – that’s exactly how the movie industry works, smart-ass!
and again, don’t get me wrong – i do similar ‘sins’ all the time – our generation seems to severely failed to learn from previous ones, or from history. we assume we know everything, because we are the first to really know everything is calculable, and that we might live to see the GUT.
because of that, whatever we do, think or say, is in fact, annoying, presumptuous and half-right. the other half we are yet to learn the hard way. it’s the curse of our generation.
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