What is Google Panda – Awesome Infographic

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What is Google Panda – Awesome Infographic

Here is an interesting Infographic by Single Grain explains Google Panda in plan English. See how Google Panda update provides a huge incentive to produce good content, and protect the search engines and the internet from spammers. Learn more about what can hurt your blog and how to do good link building.

via: www.famousbloggers.net

I love the comforting effect good infographic can have on panicked consumers. if only our government would understand that and start producing them instead of just full texts of laws.

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Double Recall

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Image by Rev. Voodoo via Flickr

I’m really struggling with sorting out email recently. I think I have a strategy now, just need someone to build a plugin, or tell me it exists already. Here’s what it should do:

Mail client plugin that is constantly building whitelist and blacklist of senders by automatically replying to every new sender with a very kind note asking her to just reply so that we verify she’s human. this happens just once and then the rest of the communication is normal forever.

… Preferably for Google Apps. 😉

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