How many consultants does it take, to make a business plan?

November 23rd, 2007 § Comments Off on How many consultants does it take, to make a business plan? § permalink

imageLive blogging from a 5 hour session with 8 top-level consultants, approached with a problem of sorting out our exact value proposition and market analisys. When we started, they knew nothing (0, zilch, nada) about blogging, now they are happily crunching numbers and designing their spreadsheets to look nice. I am not sure, whether this means they understood what I want from them, or are they simply running under time pressure, but it looks impressive nevertheless.

First I had a briefing for them, they posted some basic questions, then they started brainstorming ideas we went trough three months ago, then they started posting individual questions I’ve been banging my head with last two months, and now I am really curious what they will come up with. It might be, that if they had a couple of days they would progress immensly, in comparison to my performance, even though they lack the market insight and are trying to convince me, to go into advertising.

Hehe, and now their spreadsheets got buggy…

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