30K WordPress Blogs Infected With the Latest Malware Scam

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And all my blogs were amongst them:

30K WordPress Blogs Infected With the Latest Malware Scam

alphadogg writes with an excerpt from an article over at Network World: “Almost 30,000 WordPress blogs have been infected in a new wave of attacks orchestrated by a cybercriminal gang whose primary goal is to distribute rogue antivirus software, researchers from security firm Websense say. via: news.slashdot.org

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It caused me quite some headache yesterday, as I was trying to rescue content, move it to more reliable hosting, and reconfigure all the analytics and links. here’s what i ended up doing:

  1. delete all infected files from dreamhost immediately. this rendered all my content inaccessible to anyone, including myself, but at least it prevented the virus from spreading to my readers.
  2. download sql databases
  3. register for paid wordpress.com account and be nicely surprised by the free domain.
  4. sed all datadumps, so that the links will still work on new domain
  5. as I realized that hosted wordpress won’t allow me to use google analytics, i signed up for cloudflare – i love it, and highly recommend it
  6. install local wordpress on my machine, import datadumps, export as wordpress file
  7. import into new igzebedze.com
  8. and while I was at it, i recategorized everything, into the 5 top level areas exposed on the left now.
hope it will bring better experience to everyone reading this…
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