Coffe & Chocolat

February 20th, 2008 § 1 comment

Source: WikipediaI like coffee. I like it’s taste. I never drink it for effect of caffeine, in fact, it doesn’t do anything for me, except the taste. So you can imagine how I suffer in anglo-saxon lands, where “going to coffee” means “going to Starbucks for a business chat”. Horrible! I’ve overheard a funny dialog in a cafeteria in Ljubljana; customer ordered “espresso coffee“, and the waiter corrected her: “espresso coffee? espresso is coffee in Slovenia!”

But today on the airport I had a revelation; I caught a glimpse of a sense in the existence of Starbucks – I ordered hot chocolate for the first time, and was really looking forward to that sweet and smelly substitute for a meal. When they offered me some cream on top, I was almost in heaven – and I have cream with anything maybe once a year. It made complete sense – joys of consumerist substitutes for natural food at its best. nice cup of warm sweet liquid and well-whipped brilliantly white cream on top. Perfect.

And then the guy took the plastic cover and pressed it firmly over the cup, squashing the cream and preventing the chocolate aroma to come out forever.

I hope this civilization moves to virtual cyberspace soon. It doesn’t deserve to have bodies and senses at disposal.

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