28 hour day

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I bet everyone wishes his day would be a bit longer. There’s always this last thing, that you want to do before sleep, that makes you go to sleep two hours late, and the wake up hour is cruelly inflexible. Scientists were even doing experiments on it – they locked a bunch of people in cages and held them in artificial lighting to figure out the ‘natural’ biorhythm. It’s in fact suppose to be around 27 hours.
Well guess what. I found out that our civilization is indeed advanced enough to help you achieve this. It quite simple. All you need to do is move your office on a jet-plane and fly west. When you finish all your desk tasks, the plane lands, and the local time is roughly the same as when you started working! So you’ve done your job and still get the whole day for leisure or the second job.
So for instance, my perfect work week would consist of starting in London on Monday and flying to New York. Then flying to San Francisco on Tuesday, Tokyo on Wednesday, Delhi on Thursday, Dubai on Friday, then going to a random location in Europe to catch weekend parties. Of course you can vary the locations freely, the only thing you need to know is that the number of time-zones you change is roughly equal to hours you will save.
I can’t wait ’till jets become greener and affordable for personal use. That will be the next transport revolution.
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