Airports are ugly

March 13th, 2008 Comments Off on Airports are ugly

Source: WikipediaAirports are one of the most nervous places in our civilization. They embody everything we stand for – instant coffee, noise, noise overrun by shouting, totalitarian control of the crowd, lack of taste, you name it.
It used to make me nervous as well. A simple fact of loud chaotic noise (which is completely different from contemporary noise electronic music btw) made me annoyed every time. I’ve discovered I can feel much better if I wear ear plugs. So I do, all the time, even when eaitng my brunch in the food court. Yes people look at me, but I don’t  care, it just feels so much better. I can still hear everything, only the sounds are more low and soft, and the world gets this feeling of dreaming or under-water swimming. Cosy.
I might start doing this when out downtown as well. Wearing those huge cover-earphones is not as comfortable.
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