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July 15th, 2008 § 2 comments

Bloc Party performing at Stubb's BBQ in 2007Image via WikipediaExactly a year after it hit SXSW, Twitter hit the coasts of Slovenia. It is tatally fascinating to watch a phenomenon like this get born, specially if you watch it twice, in different environments.
In Slovenia, it actually “happened” on one party. The groundwork was being built for the last two years on Spletne urice – weekly events, much like barcamps, that created and brought together a very strong web scene of companies, freelancers and lurkers.
Some of us here started using Twitter early on, but it turned out we weren’t alone: there was another crowd, from design / marketing space also experimenting with it. The two crowds met and mingled and twined on a NooCamp party, and created a critical mass that rendered Twitter unavoidable mean of communication. Kudos to Noovo for gathering all the amazing people to NooCamp.
The first impression was great, the scond was “argh, this doesn’t work”, followed by discussions about which company will go and do this properly. This week we got it, Domenca launched Slovenian Twitter clone Koornik and it seems both will catch on. We just have to get used to twitt in English and kokodajs in Slovene.
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§ 2 Responses to Twitter in Slovenia"

  • Tadej says:

    I personally see 99% of Twitter’s value in its user base.
    So for me, it’s as much a news source as a microblogging platform –
    so I’m a bit skeptical about clones …

    Though I have to admit Koornk looks nice! 🙂

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