Twitter Updates for 2009-02-04

February 4th, 2009 Comments Off on Twitter Updates for 2009-02-04

  • We’re in! Nyse! #
  • RT @zemanta: Zemanta “a hyperactive secretary (the good kind)” as reviewed by ArsTechnica – digg it! #
  • I get 5 mails per minute, and have currently 10 compose windows open. cutting edge multitasking state… tomorrow will be great day. #
  • RT @joshk I think Google Latitude is a big deal – #
  • @azeem either me or @andraz, depends on the level of technical detail you want 😉 #
  • i like this: #
  • Now I have to start convincing my friends to sign into google latitude… *sigh* #
  • Hm. Whisky in a wine glas and wine in a water glass. What’s next, water in a spirit glass? Strange culture. #

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