reblog: But What If You’re Un-Googleable?

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Investor and serial entrepreneur Chris Dixon has written a notable (and mercifully short !) post about how social utilities like Google and Facebook have essentially become the reputation engines powering the emergence of collaborative consumption startups like Airbnb and TaskRabbit.

Dixon’s argument is a) that Google search has replaced social pro

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… all good and well, but… for the longest time i was sure i was the only ‘igzebedze’ on the web. it was only after I started using Duckduckgo I found out about some other people using this nickname, who were completely hidden from me because of google’s personalization of search. which means, I am googlable, but i still don’t actually have ‘the reputation’ – only ‘a reputation’ depending on who is looking for me. so this ‘internet of people’ idea has a minor crack that can cause either marketplaces to bubble or search engines to change. imho.

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