How to not renew a customer

July 12th, 2015 Comments Off on How to not renew a customer

I recently received a letter from the largest insurance company in Slovenia (which is now actually officially in strategic interests of the country). the letter was to inform me that my insurance policy was over a month ago and that they recommend renewing it or else.

i vaguely remember someone calling me some time ago and wanting to schedule a visit in the middle of the following day. i forgot to call him back, and they never followed up either. so i guess it is fair to say they tried and that it’s completely my fault that i’m leaving them.

and just before we dissect the letter, let me make it clear – it’s about renewal, i don’t owe the company anything for the contract that was valid.

but the letter. it appears they let financial and controlling department communicate with customers directly, so i had to read it three times to make sure they are not suing me for something. here are the key components:

  • subject: notice of insurance premium being overdue and cancelation of insurance contract – ok, fine, if you dont want my money, at least you are upfront with it…
  • number of the policy – “policy not vinculized” – wtf does vinculized mean???
  • “we recommend you pay the premium in 30 days” – what premium? i have no idea how much to pay, how to pay, who to address it to.
  • “we advise that you read the important information about the influence of not paying the premium on the insurance contract” – wtf?!?! what important information? where? what do you mean not paying?
  • “in the event of not paying for the next insurance period, insurance company is by law (with law citation) not obliged to pay any insurance anymore” – yeah, ok, doh. do people really think differently?
  • “in the event of not paying for the next insurance period, insurance company is by law (with law citation) canceling the contract” – yeah, ok, whatever, i’d assume it’s canceled after the final date, but ok
  • “if you already paid than please ignore this letter”

am i overreacting? is there something about insurance business i don’t know? why wouldn’t i expect them to make me feel nice and fluffy as they take the next big chunk of my money?

probably because they are incompetent and several people involved in this letter should be fired.

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